My Voice

Today we had an interesting lesson of CTS. And it was a good introduction to the  successful researching.An author widely can be described as a creator .But the main task of a creator to make his artworks speak for himself.To express our own minds into a louder voice we have done this little exercise.

We were in the group of 5,  so we set all these 7 paper cards for research into order by usefulness for this small project. We worked as a group so we decided to split all of these cards like that. (photo below).In my personal opinion order would look a bit different than the previous one. In the 1st. place I would put  Wikipedia  because  most of my research begins from there.Wikipedia is a perfect place to start a research and gather more ideas or subjects to look at.



3.Newspaper article.

4.Magazine article.

5.Academic journal article.

6.Blog post.


Basic questions to Ask:

  • Who?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

To develop our own critical voice  we started with  a second task. Understanding context helps us think critically. For this activity, we had to discuss “Pussy Riot” the feminist Russian punk group. As a resource we got  Gessen, M. – Words will break cement: the passion of Pussy Riot. We got more than 20 questions and 20minutes to discover as much information about” Pussy Riot” as possible . Working in groups was really useful as we were looking at different questions at the same time, as a result, we saved some time for more complicated questions. Task was more complicated than I thought before. But after 20 minutes we came up with almost all answered questions. Some questions were confusing  but we had to find  evidenced answers about the subject without actually reading the content.And it is a very important research skill wich I have to develop for future works.

After we finished with  our questionary we had to represent our answers in front of our class,which was another ordeal to me. In the group, we decided that we going to speak one by one. One girl  volunteer that she will  introduce our groups’ format. Also, we had to explain how and where able to find information on our format. As I said before Wikipedia is a good place to find some extra information for  a current project. It helped me to answer some questions as well. After all, I listen  to the other group’s presentation.It was interesting because they were using different sources and formats to research their questions and I learned a lot. It was a useful exercise because it helped me to achieve more knowledge how to evidence my arguments and  expand my research.  Now I do understand the importance of a good research, that I have to follow the questions constantly. And in the end, I will become with way better outcomes and stronger voice.