CTS:Week 5


Victoria and Albert Museum: Glastonbury Land and Legend,


10 September 2016 -26 February 2017

Glastonbury Land and Legend is a showcasing footage captured at the Glastonbury Festival in 2014 and curated by Kate Bailey.  Glastonbury is the largest and one of the most popular Greenfield festivals in the world. The attendance of this festival reaches around 175`000 people and its growing every year.  “The festival is inspired by the ethos of the hippie, counterculture, and free festival movements the rise of the hippie and other alternative styles came out from the modern incarnation of bohemianism” (Glastonbury Festival,2016). They denied the traditional culture and lifestyle, creating separate communities where punk rock raised and people stood at the forefront of the sexual revolution, used drugs (mainly cannabis and LSD) as a means of raising their research. Hippies also expanded and developed many other concerning issues as a women rights, global warming etc.

Concept of the exhibition is constructed as a huge tent with incorporated film and sound installations which makes this tent look like an incredible sound and video dance. By the first glance at this exhibition I was not hooked but by getting comfortable on one of the big pillows  I really got a chance to experience Glastonbury Festival vibes. I really enjoyed the idea of depicting festival spirit trough the layout of the exhibition. The tent itself reminded me of an Egyptian pyramid and after researching about the festival more I find out that this is a reference to Pyramid shape tent used back in 1971 festival.

This exhibition led me wanting to research and to find out more about bohemianism, subcultures, hippies, why people were using drugs, depression-era and other. It made me to consider problems I would never think of or I never considered before. Could I solve them using visual medias as a tool?

I gain a lot of experience and this spectacular exhibition gave me some inspiration for the future works.



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