Studio:Week 2

This week in studio Tony learned us how to do screen printing. He gave us a little project  “direct printing “and the “floating stencil”. The  theme of this project was “Alter Ego”(The Other I)”.

This project introduced me to a creative and experimental approach to screen printing. I been shown how to utilize torn and/or cut paper stencilling techniques, to generate layers when screen printing. These methods was applied when the screen was setup onto the printing press. This technique are called “direct imaging”. Teacher also introduced us to an new method, which is “floating stencil” technique.

An alter – ego refers to a second self, a second personality or a persona within a person, who is often oblivious  to the persona’s action.

For this task we had to explore the possibilities of this theme in context with the challenge of making an image of my own Alter -Ego. I can use many layers as the image needs using experimental methods demonstrated to me. I can also only photographic positive to achieve this.

For this theme I draw me  with a strange crystal crown on my head and my body is in the open space. The idea of this crown and background of the simplified universe is that me receiving  new ideas from the universe while I am living in my own little world. Which are depicted as a similar to  earth planet on my belly. The rays form my eyes means never ending search for the new techniques which I could use it in my outcomes. And all these rays  out of my little world is the outcomes going back to the universe. I could interpret that the universe is a public.


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