Studio:Week 3

Week 3

This week was really productive. I had few inductions which I found really helpful. One of them are screen printing part A and part B. Last week Tony showed some tricks how to set up table for screen printing, how to measure and make the prints accurate. This step is essential because I decided to make 4-5 colour layers. We were working on prepared screens. Later on we were shown how  to expose our screens on a huge exposing machine. Part B was all about how to prepare your screen for printing from A to Z. It was a different look in to screen printing from a technical side.

Teacher  underlined that the all process begins from screen reclaiming. First what we have to do is remove old tape from the screens and then we have to wet our screens from the both sides with  the hose. Then he explained us what kind of chemicals  we  were going to use and that they are low risk chemicals. After moisten the screen we need to apply Stencil Remover and scrub with the brush in both sides.

After that he demonstrated to us how to properly blast our screens by using the water pressure gun. And the proper way to do that is 2cm away from the mesh. We have to always start from the bottom of the screen horizontally until mid screen then flip the screen to finish blasting the remaining stencil.

After that we had to wet our screens from both sides again by using hose. Next step of preparation was to use degreaser and scrub with the brush both sides, clean it and dry it.

When our screens were dried we had to clamp our screens stencil side out under the bracket , the coating emulsion was already prepared so we don’t have to do that  so we could start with coating process. We filled up our coating trough till half  . It is important to bring the trough to the mesh about 2cm above the edge of the frame, continuing with that  we need to tilt the Trough until the emulsion reaches the mesh. We needed to do that with applying some pressure all the way to the top otherwise our screen will be not properly coat. After this we needed to put this screen to dry again and screen is ready for expose process!


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