Studio:Week 4

Week 4

We had a great studio session with  Ima today. For this manifesto project I have not used a lot of sketching as a project is based on written information. However in this session Ima asked us to explain these words in our own understanding.

Typography -Arrangement of text.

Typeface – it is a font family. For example Helvetica and other families.

Sans Serif and Serif

Sans-Serif- letterform is one that does not have the small projecting features called “serifs” at the end of strokes.

Serif- you can recognize it from the small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol.

Then she explained to us about styles. That there is 2 different styles.

Regular                                  Regular

Italic                                       Oblique

Serif                                       Serif


Also now I know what Kerning and Leading is. It is simple: kerning is space between the letters and leading is space between the lines.


After this little warm up she gave to us a3 size sheets with allot of questions. This questionnaire  was full of simple and deep questions. About my age ,my birth place ,religion, what I do like what not and opinions. It was kind of research about myself. I understood that while doing this and I think it can be really helpful in the future researching. The more questions I have the more I can try and answer then within my research. Ima gave to us 30min to answer as much as possible. Later  we had to cut out human size piece of paper and by using brushes and black ink we had to transfer answers from before on this sheet of paper. The catch was that the answer had to fit in one line. That  is why I had to change the kerning in 1 word or few symbols answers. Firstly I write my name and age in massive size writing later on I figure out that if I will continue with this size it will be not enough space. Then I started decrease my writing size and placing. In the end of my poster I had to rotate my paper to change lines  with the reason to fit them all in this piece of paper. In the end I was not really happy with my poster  but this is not the final outcome. It is a sketch about our own manifesto. All of these personal questions was research about myself  which we depicted on that piece of paper. And it is sketch who could be developed in to  amazing manifesto poster. After this session I did understand that sketches can be not only drawings with pencils or other chosen media. It can be writing as well , which could be successfully used in development of the projects.


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