Studio:Week 5


Today we received part C of the  Unit 1 project :what is it?
For this task I have to explore a new  or existing  relationship between the two objects I had chosen.

Ima explained to us  about narrative and the types of the narratives. They could be linear or non-linear or even both. She also explained that we have to analyse our research ,isolate areas for further exploration and development. I also have to identify possibilities for developing and extending my ideas by using range of methods and processes to augment experimentation. And for sure after that I have to produce a series of not final outcomes, which would extend my gathered information in to visual forms.

Later we started with an amazing studio exercise.

Visual Bingo:

Every one of us got a 35 blank sheets of paper and we had to fold each of them in half and then the fun started. Firstly we drew a cover for our little book “Visual Bingo”.  Then Lee gave us  the word references and numbers and we had to draw the first think that comes to our head. For each of them we got 1-2min to draw. It was a perfect exercise for me because it was first time that I draw something that I could not imagine that I would ever draw. For example “Never kiss 16″,”Gordon’s breakfast”, “Do not fart” and so on. Another interesting feature: we could not use any writings in our drawings. So I had to think about different ways to express that word or sentence in understandable (or not) language. In one hour we did a lot and it was fun, I do really enjoy Lee lessons because after them everything becomes clear to me. When we finished with our Visual Bingo drawings we had to chose a 10 best sketches number them and write a narrative story. We have to follow our numbers in order .With this I had some problems, I was bit tired and confused on what to write . But later on I came up with some ideas which ones I start to write on my paper and it become in to little story from 10 different drawings.


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