CTS:Week 3


Contextual and Theoretical Studies: The image and the manifesto

Today we had an informative session of CTS. As we all were struggling about the Unit 2 project of manifesto this lesson was more than helpful. Firstly, we looked at few examples of different manifests, afterwards we had a discussion about them. Teacher then helped to look to all these references from a different angle. We did find a lot of hidden details which made more sense in some manifestos. I do understand them way better than before even if they are written in German language.

Later on when we warmed up our brains, we were divided in few small groups of 3 people. We them were given different manifestos as a reference. We got First things First manifesto, our main task was to represent this manifesto via drawing rather than writing. “We propose a reversal of priorities in favour of communication – mind shift away from product marketing and toward the exploration of a new meaning.” In this case author gave us an idea to draw all these logos who has a strong advertisement ground. The idea was to draw them from left to right side, from big to small and smaller size logos, which once a re intertwined in to a abstract drawing till they disappears. That is out interpretation for this manifest. It was fun and creative way to fit logos into abstract and dynamical drawing. From big to small, from significant to meaningless.

It was helpful to listen to the other people presentation/ interpretation as well. More people more opinions. Maybe I didn’t agree with some of those opinions, but it was really useful to hear what and how other people thinks.

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